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One to watch: Golnaz AFRAZ

Golnaz Afraz is an Iranian artist living and working in France.

Golnaz’s intention in her paintings is to create a story. The starting point might be a scene from daily life or from a play or film she has seen. She paints this reality in multiple layers, depicting various fragments of time on the same plane and superimposing forms. Golnaz leaves sections of her paintings unfinished or in sketch form to give the work space to breathe and allow the viewer to draw their own conclusions.

Two bodies ( دوتن) by Golnaz AFRAZ

Painting: Acrylic, Marker, Oil on Canvas

120 x 80 cm

L'oiseau s'envole by Golnaz AFRAZ

Painting: Mixed Media on Cardboard.

55 x 75 x 0.5 cm Sold

Golnaz has participated in numerous exhibitions and art fairs in Europe and the Middle East since 2005. Her work was also featured in Continental Shift, an exhibition of emerging artists from Saatchi Art at the Saatchi Gallery, London, in 2014.

My dear Rhinoceros by Golnaz AFRAZ

Painting: Oil, Acrylic on Canvas.

80 x 80 cm

You can find Golnaz's potfolio at Saatchi Art online gallery below.

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