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Twilight | Elizabeth Wojciak

A beautiful contemporary nude.

Originally from Bieska-Biala, Poland, artist Elizabeth Wojciak currently lives and works in Adelaide, South Australia. Her paintings explore the female form, (self-) perception, and the connection between figurative and abstraction.


Oil paint, soft pastel on stretched canvas

91 x 142 x 5 cm

$1200 USD

Elizabeth’s current series of work is all about colour, shapes and mixed media layers applied, scratched back and reworked to create an emphasis on everyday belongings.

They offer hints relating to the lifestyle of unseen inhabitants and provide aesthetic statements within domestic setting.

Her colourful and decorative paintings are strongly influenced by work of William Scott, Elizabeth Blackadder, Paul Gaugin and Brett Whiteley.

If you wish to inquire about this work please get in touch :)

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